Ice Cream Wholesaler Birmingham

Widely considered as the one-stop shop in ice cream, the service does not stop at delivery alone, we can provide a complete package to suit every business.

Ice Cream Supplier Birmingham

My name is Mandy Whatmore and I am the proprietor of our company McNab s Cash & Carry we are Ice Cream Wholesalers and we stock all various products relating to Ice Cream and Ice Lollies right down to the 99 flakes and cones.

I originally started working for the company when I was 16 straight out of school and started on a work experience scheme. After 23 years of employement they decided to sell the Cash & Carry section of McNabs Ice Cream and I became the new owner.

Local Ice Cream Supplier
Kelly's of Cornwall

McNabs Ice Cream has been trading for over 50 years manufacturing Ice Cream on the premises where we sell it through the Cash & Carry we supply to the general public,mobiling vans, restaurants, local shops and businesses.

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